Custom Gifts

Are you attending a special event such as a wedding, baby shower, birthday or just want to have something extra special for someone? We have just the thing for you! Browse our personalized custom gifts right here.

Tumblers & Mugs

Wine Tumblers (8-10 oz.) - $20 each / $38 pair

Mugs (14-16oz.) - $24 each / $48 pair

Customize with names, wedding dates or sayings / quotes

Great Wedding / Shower Gift  :  Mr. & Mrs. with wedding date

Ring Dishes

$15 (3.5" diameter)

Imprinted with vintage lace, add names and dates to create a one-of-a-kind piece of pottery unique to each person.

Home Sweet Home Wall Hangings

$20  (4x6")

We have 48 states to choose from - these adorable little wall hangings are great gifts for college students moving away, wedding gifts to remember a special location or simply to commemorate where you came from. Customize with towns, dates or names.

Mud & Maker

Handprint, Footprint & PawPrints

What could be a more perfect gift (to give or keep) than your little one’s feet or hands imprinted in clay forever?

Q: When do you make these? Do I need an appointment?
A: We do all handprint plates by appointment - just give us a call or email to set it up. You want to plan about a month in advance for any gift-giving needs - especially around Christmas & Mother’s Day.

Q: Is clay safe for the skin?
A: Clay is fundamentally the same as dirt, the only main allergen concern is talc (which is found in baby powder) and kaolin (which is found in Tums). While these are very rare allergies, they are found in clay.

Q: How long does it take?
A: You’ll be in the studio for roughly 30-45 minutes depending on how many plates you are getting made. The plates are made while you watch, and then the actual “imprinting” is only a few seconds. From start to finish (plates must be dried, trimmed, dried more, fired, glazed and fired again). Expect a 3 to 6 week lead time from your initial appointment to finished product.

Q: Can I order more than one plate?
A: Absolutely. Many parents order one for themselves as well as extras for grandparents / god parents and other relatives.

Q: Do I get to pick my colors?
A: Yes you do! There is a wide array of colors to choose from while you’re here at the studio.

Q: What ages can do this?
A: We’ve had babies as young as 3 weeks up to grandparents. Babies younger than 18-24 months typically can only get their feet done since they don’t like to keep their hands open.

Q: I want to have my furry babies (aka dogs...) paw prints in clay.
A: Done by appointment - we will roll out a slab of clay for you + give it to you to take home. There will be enough room for 3-4 imprints (we’ll pick the best one). Bring it back within 1 week, and we’ll take care of the rest.  You’re able to have your choice of your pet’s name / year / special message to imprint as well as choose the color of glaze.

Q: What is the pricing on plates?
Ornament: (Infant foot / Pawprint) $15
Small Plate (Salad Plate - One small foot / hand) $25
Large Plate* (Dinner Size - Two feet / hands / siblings) $40 *most popular size
XL Platter (2-4 hands / siblings / Parent & child) $65
XXL (4-6 hands / Family) $100

Q: Can I get a gift card?
A: Yes! Gift cards a great options for showers, first birthdays and holidays!
Can’t make it into the shop? We can mail one to you.