Mud & Maker

About Us

Unconventional pottery for unconventional people.

Mud & Maker blends multiple techniques and mediums into handcrafted and original one of a kind pieces of pottery. We live and work in rural Pennsylvania. Inspired by our natural surroundings and the people that we meet - many of our pieces include elements of playful design, blending a colorful rustic aesthetic with just the right amount of snarky wit. We believe each day is unique - just like every piece of pottery we make.

In addition to offering a full gallery of our work, we also teach workshops (perfect for all ages & abilities) in our fully stocked studio. Check the workshop tab for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where can I find your work?

The biggest selection of Mud & Maker goodies is going to be at our Brick & Mortar store in Pottsville, PA. We travel out & about to shows and festivals throughout the eastern PA / Philadelphia area throughout the year. We are also able to ship anywhere in the continental United States that a postman will go. We update our Etsy seasonally - if you see something you like on our website or Instagram (or would like to place a custom order) please feel free to contact us - we'll hook you up!

CHECK OUT OUR BOOTH at Vintage61 in Orwigsburg

Can I "use" my dishes?

We don't like to dust around things that we don't use - and we know you don't want to dust around them either! YES! Use them, give them a good life full of amazing food, drinks, laughter and love. As long as you're careful - your pottery can last a lifetime.

Can I put these in the microwave / dishwasher / oven?

Almost all of our pottery is microwave & dishwasher safe, though hand washing is always recommended to ensure the best care. We do not recommend oven use.

All of our glazes are food safe, lead free & free of other heavy metals.

I bought something, it broke & I didn't do anything to it!
Pottery is fragile.. it's just the nature of the beast. Plates, cups and bowls don't spontaneously combust. Chances are that at some point during your use, you bumped it, set it down too hard or it rattled against something in the dishwasher. At that time, a teeny tiny hairline crack formed... over time, that crack got a little bigger and then, wham! One day it gives. Each piece is inspected after it comes out of the kiln as well as when we wrap it up / ship it. After it leaves our hands, it's time for you to love it at home as much as we have loved it making each piece here.